Tap tap tap… I guess this thing is on? Technology baffles me so…

Welcome to my drumming blog. I decided it was time to get caught up with the 21st century and share some thoughts on drumming. I am interested in drumming as therapy, cognitive science and the arts (how music is studied by science), odd meters and polyrhythm exploration, and taking drumming to the highest levels of thinking.

I grew up in the era where drummers were still kind of treated like not exactly musicians. The dumbing down of drummers has always been the source of jokes, but I think it’s long since time that we as drummers move on…

There is some amazing technology available to all of us, and with the Internet at our fingertips, there’s no limit to how far we can run.

So thanks for checking out these blogs as I find my way through the maze of the 21st century. I plan on spending the rest of my days taking drumming as far as I can, and I hope you will be inspired by these posts to do the same.

David Aldridge
Los Angeles, CA