Tourette Syndrome and Drumming as Therapy

The benefits of drumming in helping me deal with my lifelong struggle with Tourette Syndrome are something I’ve wanted to share publicaly for some time. The very short version is this: drumming is a socially acceptable form of movement that helps you develop some degree of greater control over your body.

You become much more aware of the movement sensations and how to improve your motor control. Your fingertips and soles of your feet, the wrist and ankle muscles, and the overall flow of energy all become heightened when you close your eyes and focus on the sense of touch.

Most interesting for me was learning to think in terms of movement sensation. The mind seems to take over the body in a way, and the impulses seem to find their way effortlessly to the hands and feet. I learned to substitute words in the conversation part of my mind and replace them with sound; then, I paid even closer attention to the movement sensation associated with the sound.

From there, it seemed that I was in some way, connecting the speech formation part of my mind with the movement portion, composing “movement sentences” for lack of a better word, that just flowed…

As a result, I found a direct and immediate outlet for movement that became very relaxing, and at the same time, helped me develop further control over the unwanted movements away from the drum set.

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