Is this the future of drum instruction? Maybe…

The Haptic Drum Kit is a technology that sends impulses to your wrists and ankles, giving you guidance on how to play rhythm patterns.

Here’s a link to the main site for detailed info:

The short version? Haptics is a field of study that uses touch to instruct. Imagine wearing thin gloves while sitting at a piano, and feeling pulses in the fingers that need to move to produce the sounds on the sheet music in front of you…

Same idea, only here, it’s applied to rhythm. The potential is pretty intense… although I seriously doubt it could ever replace an actual instructor. But can it facilitate the development of your rhythmic abilities? I think so, and it’ll be interesting to see if the Haptic Drum Kit becomes a commercially marketed item.

Haptics is a field of study that has applications in many areas. If you Google the word, you’ll find plenty of listings… but it’s still in its early phases, so there’s plenty of room for exploration.

I remember very clearly the mood in the air at and early 1980’s NAMM show when MIDI first came out. You knew something was happening, but you weren’t exactly sure where it was going to go… obviously, it redefined music performance, composition, education and exploration.

The field of Haptics holds the same potential in many areas. Who knows where you could take it… ?