I was surfing the Los Angeles websites doing google searches one day for odd meter when I came across Betsey Stephens and her very cool site, oddtimeobsessed.com

Betsey is a Berklee grad bass player who lives, breathes, eats and sleeps odd time signatures. She takes to it like a fish to water, and her Rickenbacker gills just can’t get enough. Her site includes interviews, podcasts, radio playlist of odd meter tunes, and a blog devoted to all things odd…

When I contacted Betsey and told her about my background, she was very interested in the connection I had with Hank Levy. Hank wrote big band charts for Don Ellis and Stan Kenton, and I’ll be writing a lot more about him later. Betsey had a rare copy of Hank’s basic primer on odd meters, and we’ve had a many a great discussion about the state of odd meter exploration.

If you find “4 to be a bore,” check out Betsey’s site and see/hear what it has to offer. Drop her a line if you like it, because the odd meter/polyrhythm world needs passionate players to fuel the exploration. She’s particularly interested in 13/8, so if you have any songs along that line, send her link. She migth even be interested in interviewing you.

Either way, anything that’s not 4/4 makes her day!