I was driving through Long Beach the other day with the radio on, no special station, and I was listening to my PolyRhythm app on the iPhone. I was playing the 5:4 pattern, getting the sound and shape into my head.

I wasn’t really paying too much attention to the radio, and then some ABBA tune came on. It was a solid 4/4 thump, Dancing Queen maybe, I don’t remember now. But… I started counting to see if I could play 5 notes in the space of the 4/4 thump.

It took a minute… but I got it… which may be wrong on far too many levels, but it cracked me up nonetheless.

It’s pretty easy to the do the 5:3 against 3 of the 4 beats in a 4/4 measure, just because it falls so nicely. 5:4 is harder, and you do have to learn how it sounds… but I didn’t figure I could practice it against just about any song that came over the radio.

So, if you want to try something Very interesting, listen to the PolyRhythm app and hear the 5 against 4… then, turn on the radio and see if you can tap it out. If you can, you’ve just crossed a very cool threshold. If not, you will with time and practice.

If you’ve not seen the PolyRhythm app I’m referring to, check it out on your iPhone. It’s coolest teaching tool I’ve found for this subject. I have a few previous posts about it you might want to look at as well.

Have a safe Memorial Day Weekend, and as always, thanks for reading…