A few years ago, I bought a Roland TD-6 electronic drum kit, and it didn’t take long for me to really appreciate what it had to offer. The thing I liked the best was the module’s array of songs, its metronome and the fact that you could input basic odd meters.

The short version on the TD-6 is this: it has cool sounds that I still prefer to much more expensive versions of Roland’s kits.

The songs from various styles are a good way to keep your ears in general shape. The metronome can be programmed with various sounds to break up the monotony of “click click click”, and the odd meter programming option is a great teaching tool for the obvious reasons.

You can, of course, also use the metronome to lay a foundation using one of my favorite iPhone apps, the PolyRhythm. You can buy a simple cable from Best Buy or Radio Shack that lets you run a line out from your iPhone to the Line In on the TD-6. This lets you hear both the app and the drum set sound.

It’s worth the drive to the electronics store, believe me.

A final thought: my timekeeping has steadily improved over the years, thanks much to the electronic kit. My ears really focus on what I produce when I put the headset on, and that has improved my creativity as well. I’d definitely recommend electronic drums for the reasons mentioned above, and for the money, the TD-6 still delivers everything I need and then some.