Hi… those of you who have been reading this blog over the past few months have seen posts about drumming as therapy, and I wanted to extend my appreciation for your readership. Things are definitely moving forward in this department, and I am going to be hosting a drum circle/drum set demonstration for kids with Tourette’s on October 9th at REMO’s Music Recreation Center.

Here’s the link: http://remormc.com/calendar/events/94/2010/10/09/

It’s a big step towards getting the word out that drumming can be a helpful thing in dealing with this and other disabilities, and honestly, I really do love seeing the excitement in the eyes of kids who just want to PLAY. Their energy is pretty cool, and it’s very inspiring.

My hope is that I can take this little show on the road at some point to some degree. It’s all an experiment, and we’ll see where things go. Small steps, positive progress. Good stuff.

I’m also hoping to have the “Green Machine” Ludwig kit paid off in time to use at the show. It’s a big investment, but one that’s well worth it.

I’ll post a blog about the event afterwards, but I wanted to put something up here in advance to thank you for reading this blog. Many very cool things are coming as I move away from aviation and back to the world of drumming. I love the brotherhood, and there will be more posts about the therapeutic aspects of drumming to come…