Simple awesome. This brilliant master is light years head of most of us, and he’s on a path worth tracking.

Pete demonstrated classic Indian and Middle Eastern percussion instrument to pre-recorded tracks, and he rocked the room. He went into a zone and played some of the most complex patterns you’ve heard since Vinnie first hit the scene thirty years ago.

He’s a very personable guy who took time to pay special attention to the very young drummers in the room, a real sign of class. If he comes anywhere near your town, make the time to go hear him. His book is the next step in advancing your rhythmic understanding of complex polyrhythmic patterns on the drum set, and his web site has lots of free lessons. I like this, because he’s not trying to sell 100,000 swag items. In fact, he very understatedly mentioned his book, not trying to promote it excessively. Again, a sign of class I really liked.

The clinic left me feeling like I’d been in the presence of a true drumming master who inspired us all to take to the next level without telling us to. That’s a path I want to follow for a very long time to come.