About a year ago, I posted about driving to the further nether-regions of Los Angeles to check out a 1970’s green sparkle vintage Ludwig kit with a 26-inch kick drum that scares small animals. I put money down to hold the kit at Temecula’s Guitar Center, and a few months later, I brought them home in the pouring cats and dogs rain.

A week later, I took them over to Remo’s Recreational Music Center to give a drum circle/drum set demo for some kids with Tourette Syndrome. It went great (as I wrote about in a previous post), and I managed to get some decent pics of the kit. I thought fans of Ludwig might enjoy seeing them, so here’s a few shots.

I bought a pre-Ludwig Ghost pedal a few months later, and when I sit down behind these things and let loose, they sound like blasting cannons. I was in the Pasadena Guitar Center about a week before I went out to Temecula, and the main reason I went was because a customer in the Pasadena store who knew Ludwigs well told me in no uncertain terms that I should LEAP at these things. Best drumming advice I ever heard.

When I play these things, I am often reminded of a quote from an intense biker named Speed I knew when I wrote for Easyriders magazine:

“Moderation is for monks! Take BIG bites!”

Got that right, pal…