As the year comes to an end, I wanted to take a minute to thank all of you who read this little blog. It’s kinda cool to look at the stats page every day and see activity, and I really do appreciate it.

I’ve been working on a very large writing project that is just about to launch, and it’s the reason I haven’t had more time to put pieces up here or even play around Los Angeles as much as I’d like to. Many years ago, and I mean many (1982), I took some lessons with Terry Bozzio and learned about permutations as they applied to rhythm patterns. He lit a fire in me that took over and ignited a thought process that has taken decades to work out and refine. As I wrap that project up, it seems as though a lifetime has passed from when I first got the idea to write a book about a very unique approach to rhythm pattern theory.

The scope of this project is huge. I walked away from it many times over the years simple because it was so big, and it fried my brain every time I tried to tame it. But a few years ago, I finally got a handle on the approach, and now, it is about ready to be revealed.

It’s all based on a simple question: How many rhythm patterns do you suppose there are? I can safely tell you that I know exactly how many basic patterns there are, and while this approach has been explored to some degree over the past few years, what I’ve been working on is seriously ten times larger and then some. It has taken every bit of energy and focus I have to bring it to a close, and every day when I look at this site and the reading stats, I get a little more energy to keep going.

So, thank you all very much for reading my drumming blog over the past couple of years. In a few weeks, I should have everything wrapped up and will formally present it here. I hope you’ll stop back and check things out when I do. Until then, have Happy Holidays, and keep playing those drums like there’s no tomorrow!


David Aldridge

Los Angeles, California