NAMM 2012 – The Beginning of Awesome

It’s been four years since I attended NAMM. Usually I just go to browse, but this year was different, because I am shopping distribution of two rhythm pattern theory books I’ll be releasing shortly.

As exhausting as the place can be, I targeted the top people and got results. I even got to meet Pete Lockett, which was truly awesome. I showed him my books, got encouragement, and left feeling very energized for the challenges ahead. I met with friends at Remo, spent a lot of time at the incredible Ludwig booth drooling over their new hardware (which is everything and more you could ever want), and talked with the guys at Modern Drummer and DRUM! magazine, both of whom were intrigued by my books. 

I was sitting against a wall resting from very sore feet when I met Angeline Saris, bass player for Narada Michael Walden. We had a great conversation about odd meters, just two strangers hiding downstairs for a moment in the quieter area of NAMM. What an interesting way to meet someone quite fascinating!

Two days of NAMM can run you into the ground, but it was worth it and then some. I’ve spent many years working on the projects I’m about to release, and hopefully, they will do what I think they will do… if so, life will change forever. If not, I finished what I started and have an equally interesting project waiting in the wings that I promise will get your attention if you are into odd meters.

If you went to NAMM, you know what I mean by intense. I hope it was productive for you if you did go, and if you didn’t, get in some year. It’s the ultimate musician’s candy store!


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