I was browsing the ‘Net the other day, and I decided to do a keyword search for “indian jazz drummers” when I came across http://www.indiandrummer.com   If you have an interest in the many facets of Indian drummers and the rich tapestry of rhythmic complexity we draw from this amazing continent, you will enjoy a visit to the website.

The content includes lessons, blogs, clinics, feeds from other drummers, and some product reviews.The site was co-founded by Pawan Gujral and Shrinjini Barik, and they have a Facebook link for their site if you want to follow them from another direction. I like this whole idea of focusing on Indian drumming because quite frankly, we’ve not had such a resource at our disposal before.

I spoke with Pete Lockett last January at the 2012 NAMM show about his book, Indian Rhythms for Drum Set, which gives any drummer quite a workout. Our conversation sparked my curiosity about what exactly were Indian drummers exploring nowadays. I believe that indiandrummer.com’s greatest potential contribution to our world drumming community will be its continued evolution as a bridge, and it is one I look forward to crossing on a regular basis.