Ahmir ?uestlove Thompson Switches to Ludwig


The unflappable pulse just leapt off the Yamaha ship and landed behind the seat of the drums that I love. This news has been rocketing around the ‘net and various chat rooms lately, and I figured it was worth sharing a link someone posted on Facebook that you might enjoy. I respect and appreciate a finely crafted pocket, and this sample is all that and a bag of tight. No question.

?uestlove’s gig with Late Night with Jimmy Fallon launched his name largely into the mainstream, and the Wikipedia link I read while putting this post together truly reflects how far a drummer can expand their limits. Most of you likely already know of ?uestlove’s DJ and record producing background, but it’s not every drummer who picks up an Esky award from Esquire magazine for Best Scribe in their 2006 Esky Music Awards issue. And how many guys who smack a back beat get together with Nike to design a pair of shoes called the Questlove x Nike 1World Air Force 1?

Placing 8th in Rolling Stone magazine’s Readers Pick for Best Drummer of all Time isn’t too shabby an accomplishment either. But the thing that just warms my heart to no end is that as you’ll read in the beat sample post, he chose to go back to his roots, from the early days when he played Ludwig.

This native Philadelphia son is the epitome of pocket, and hearing him smack a tightly tuned Acrolite is such a definitive pulse that is might even be strong enough to help Michelle Bachman get her Caucazoidal groove on.

For the rest of us blue and olive diehards, it’s just another great day in America.

Enjoy ?uestlove…


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