Ed Shaughnessy Recovering From Back Surgery – Please Write Him



I wanted to re-post this short note from Chicago Drum Show after seeing this on Facebook today:


To all friends of the Chicago Drum Show and/or Ed Shaughnessy: Ed’s back surgery was successful but the recovery is going very slowly. He does not have internet access in the rehab facility for now, and days are dragging. It would cheer him up get get cards and letters! Please send communications to: Ed Shaughnessy, Room 115A, Canyon Oaks Rehab, 22029 Saticoy St, Canoga Park, CA 91303. Thanks everybody!!



I met Ed Shaughnessy 30 years ago when I first moved to Los Angeles. He was still the drummer for The Tonight Show, and I went to hear him play at a club in the San Fernando Valley called Dante’s. Ed was good friends with Hank Levy, my odd meter mentor in college, and we talked at every break. Imagine being a 20-year-old kid from Delaware, new to Los Angeles, and Ed Shaughnessy is buying you drinks!


I’ll never forget it. I saw Ed this past January at the 2012 NAMM show, and he was using a walker to get to the Ludwig booth. He had to have been in pain then, I can only imagine how his recovery is going, hopefully not too bad. 

If you’ve been laid up, you know it’s not much fun. I hope readers from all over the world will drop this drumming legend a line, even a small postcard would make his day. Let’s remind Ed what the brotherhood of drumming is all about. And don’t forget, he has a new book out called “Lucky Drummer.”



One thought on “Ed Shaughnessy Recovering From Back Surgery – Please Write Him

  1. Joe pec August 25, 2012 / 12:20 am

    Just came across this message on aug 24 2012. Not sure if he is still in rehab but I will send a card anyway hoping it will get to him.

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