I saw post today that I wanted to share here for you fellow drummers. Buddy Rich’s daughter, Cathy Rich, is producing a documentary on her father’s life. The funding will be coming from Kickstarter, and for those of you unfamiliar with how it works, here’s the lowdown…

You create a video presentation about a prospective project. You set the amount you need and the time you need it by. People make a donation via credit card, and when the total amount is reached, then and ONLY then is the card actually billed.

In other words, you lose nothing. If the funding amount is not reached, nothing comes off the card.

Contributors receive various levels of rewards based on how much they contribute, ranging from a copy of the DVD to Executive Producer credit. All the details can be found at this link:

Buddy Rich IS drumming. No other human being more completely personifies our art than this man. If 350 people donated $100 each, the $35,000 production price tag can be reached.  By the way, the title, “Welcome to Nutville,” refers to one of Buddy’s favorite songs.

I leave it to each one of you to read further about the project. You don’t get a cut of the profits, so it’s not a traditional investment by any means… but it is a project that honors an amazing guy, and I think it’s worth looking at.

However… the cutoff funding date is September 8th, 2012… so check out the link, see what’s up.

He gave us everything. That musical effort definitely needs to be immortalized…