In mid-Septermber (2012), I helped a friend move out of state, and we spent a day unloading a large storage pod delivered to her door. It was 95 degrees, I was 25 lbs. overweight, and the work was brutal. When I got home, I rested for two days and then headed for the gym.

6 weeks later, I had lost those 25 lbs. I could run my mile again on the treadmill, do 2 miles on a stationary bike and 2 miles on the Eliptical machine. I could also do an about an hour’s worth of weight lifting after that, and this routine (with variations went on 6-7 days a week.

I had little time to practice drums, but when I did… my hands were tight. My arms were stronger, but I was tired from the constant exercise. I had not worked my legs, but they were a little tired too. 

When I was a teenager, I lifted weights, and even then, the same thing happened. 

So for what it’s worth, let me just say a few things to keep this post short. If you need to lose weight fast, as I chose to, eat MUCH smaller portions, eliminate all breads, sugars, sodas, and cut WAYYY back on carbs and any fats.

Do high numbers of repetitions with the weights, not concerning yourself with building strength. I ran and then lifted, to get my results, but a friend recently suggested that I could have done more sooner by lifting first and then doing cardio exercises. I will be trying this shortly.

BUT… know that you may find yourself tired from it, and if you work you arms too much, you may find all of you will be stronger…. and tighter. I’ll take smaller arms with looser wrists any day.

So, some thoughts as you head for the gym. Stay with it, and you WILL get results. Just think carefully about the results you really want and need…