An 87-year-old man took part in a study involving learning how to play the electronic drum set, and in fifteen lessons, he recovered some use of a bad arm and was able to move around the kit creating rhythms.

Gotta love it.

Prof. Takako Fujioka led the study through her work at Baycrest, a University of Toronto affiliated research facility. She earned her Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering in Waseda University, Tokyo Japan and her Ph.D in physiology at National Institute for Physiological Sciences, Japan. Prof. Fujioka is also an integral part of UT’s new Music and Health Research Collaboratory.

Her academic horsepower and curiosity about how the brain processes rhythm is exactly what we need to further the explorations of music and health. I love discovering these researchers and sharing their work with you, because we’ve never lived in a time like this where so much was happening at once.

The following link takes you to an excellent article about Prof. Fujioka’s electronic drum set rehab experiment:

And here’s a link to her bio and work at Baycrest:

I hope readers will Google Prof. Fujioka and learn more about her. Supporting and encouraging scientists like her may help yield incredible benefits down the road, and if you are academically inclined, you may want to even introduce yourself. We need brilliant minds to push the limits of what we think we know about music and medicine, because if an 87-year-old man can make his body work better as a result, serious good has been accomplished.

And that’s some energy we just can’t get enough of.