Si Begg – Electronica Artist with Permission to Explode

You honestly never know where your words will end up and how they may shape matters beyond. Last night, I was doing a search regarding my books to see how they were moving along, and I discovered a very interesting YouTube video created by electronica artist Si Begg. I was not familiar with him, but I was pleasantly surprised to see how my name had become linked to one of his productions.

Si read a portion of “Rhythm Man,” the personal essay I have often referenced here in the blog, that I wrote in 1992 for inclusion in Don’t Think About Monkeys (Hope Press). Si credited this short story with giving him some artistic inspiration, and I wrote him a letter giving thanks. Kinda cool how something I banged out in a small house in a beach town years ago somehow ended up finding its way around the world.

The following is an excerpt from the video description. You can read the full body by going to YouTube and searching “Si Begg- Permission to Explode”:

Chris Angelkov, director, Brighton, UK: “The brief that started off the process was very open and the nature of the project was very much collaborative. The album is very personal to Si and is at the more experimental end of his musical output.

“The starting point was a page of text that really summed up the reasons behind why Si had decided to make this album and that is what drove the conceptual process for the film. Here is a quote from David Aldridge, a drummer that was in that initial brief: ‘It really resonated with Si who saw this album release as his own “permission to explode”.’

‘I’ve been banging on car dashboards since I was six years old, following and flowing with the rhythm until it poured out of my ears…rhythm and Tourette syndrome have been intertwined from the first day I found that drumming on a table could mask my jerky hand, leg, and neck movements. This newly found masking actually harnessed my unbound energy, directing it into an orderly flow.

‘This “permission to explode” let me tap into vast reservoirs of sounds, and physical sensations, and I realized that my destiny lay clearly before me. I was to become a rhythm man.’

If you are not familiar with Si and want to know more about him, here are some links that you might want to check out:   (personal website)   (wikipedia post with detailed background)

There are many days in a writer’s life when the solitude absolutely crushes you. It’s times like these when you wonder why it’s worth the effort to get the fingers moving. And then there are days where your world lights up with wonder and amazement, reaffirming that the artist within may carry a small flame, but that it can ignite bigger flames when placed in the right environment. Si’s very kind reference is a reminder that synergy can offer a very interesting ride on the Möbius strip of life.

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