Yeah, so, the plan is underway. I dunno if it’ll actually GO anywhere, but if you read my last post, you know we make things happen by shoving them out the door and seeing if they get run over by a bus or make it across the street.

Chicken Crossing the Road --- Image by © Corbis

Chicken Crossing the Road — Image by © Corbis

I’ve decided to put a few of the posts up over the next month or so to show progress and to remind anyone trying to make their own plans happen that it’s the small steps that move you forward. Plus, it kind of holds me a little accountable to, oh I don’t know, readers from all over the WORLD…


That said… Two U.K. publications (Rhythm, Drummer) have expressed interest in reviewing The Elements of Rhythm, Vols. I & II, which got me kinda fired up! I sent a query letter down under to the good folks in Australia at DRUMscene, and they were quite interested as well. So I guess we’ll see where it goes. Either way, I appreciated the quick replies from the magazines, and it never ceases to blow me away me how fast things can happen nowadays. If you’re under 30, seriously, you have no idea how amazing it is.



The video plan is taking a little more time. I scaled down my mega-kit to a four piece, with two cymbals and pair of hi-hats. It makes like a little more reasonable. For those of you looking into making your own videos, obtaining a suitable hanging backdrop makes all the difference in the world, and that’s really the last step. Craigslist is a great place to find such stuff, especially in the US. Living in Los Angeles, that stuff grows on trees…


With 3 websites, 4 blogs, and 4 twitter accounts for various pursuits, writing and keeping thing current is somewhat insane. But, when you are self-promoting and figuring out what works and what doesn’t, it’s necessary time spent. Doing it during a heat wave and high workload adds another level of challenge to it all.

Buying a replacement car (2008 Nissa Versa Hatchback, 6-speeeeeeeeeeeed!) for my 212,000-mile 1997 Ford Explorer certainly changed things a bit. Getting around Los Angeles can literally drive you insane some days. This will make life far more bearable, which yields more energy to get things done. Well worth thinking about if you are currently being run into the ground with your commute. Playing the drums requires a ton of energy. No sense in throwing that stuff away…


And, the hatchback will hold this little gem I’ve ordered for local jazz gigs:


Two last quick items: I’ve been uber lame regarding getting to the gym, which is a feat unto itself in this town some days. But the flipside? Airfare to the UK or India if you plan it out six months is less than $1,000 US. Amazing! Point being, that’s a doable goal to shoot for to get abroad and promote my books and the idea of binary rhythm pattern theory.


So there ya go. Kick your own plans in the ass HARD, size 12 boot and all that. Put your fist through the bricks and swing for the fences. Make lots of stuff happen!