The Latest on Making Drumming Stuff Happen Around the World


Howdy, kids. Welcome back to part III of Make Stuff Happen 101. As you can see from the pic, I found a cool little bop kit from Tama that I seriously can’t be happier with. I wanted something light to haul around town, and this fit the bill and then some. The kick sound cool for jazz as well as other kinds of music, something I wasn’t quite expecting…

On the World Drumming Domination theme, small but good steps have been accomplished in the last few weeks. Recall that I am not only working to get my rhythm books out but also my message about music as great therapy for Tourette’s. The French and New Zealand international chapters of the Tourette Syndrome Association have received my music autobiography and are going to let me write for their newsletter. The Delaware chapter (in the United States) is letting me write for them as well.

Looks like I’m going to be contributing to DRUMHEAD magazine with pieces about my rhythm books and some other cool topics that I’ve touched on here from time to time. I’m very excited about this, getting back into the ink saddle again formally after quite a break (over ten years).

The video backdrop stuff arrived, and it’s up and organized. A very good friend helped me get ProTools and my mixing dialed in enough to create and import some decent sound quality files into the hopefully decent film quality of GoPro and ipad imagery. Quite a learning curve across the board, lemme tell ya!

So overall, after declaring my intentions to the universe a month ago, things are rolling along. I seriously encourage everyone to do this and then take small steps forward. It’s pretty cool to finally see things happening as I’ve hoped for them, so stay tuned, and I’ll have the long-awaited videos up before ya know it!

Meanwhile, go forth and kick drumming ass!

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