Howdy hi-tech neighbors! If you saw the short blog post I wrote a month or so ago, I shared some information about Periscope and what drummers could do with it.

Well, upon further exploration, I found a simple link to the broadcasts that you can copy and paste into WordPress. I like this because some days, I just want to sit down and play and talk, not work out a formal, flawless lesson presentation that would rival Benny Greb’s production quality. Since I’m a few light years away from his stellar stuff, you’ll have to humour me and settle for the occasional shabby tee-shirt, whatever is clean that day version of drum information sharing…

That said, I had a thought one afternoon about a simple quintuplet presentation, so, I hit Record and started rambling. The link below takes you to the Periscope post, and all you have to do is hit the Play arrow, and it’s off to the races.


Here’s the 5-note/7-note version.


I was exploring these ideas as part of an upcoming series of drum clinics I’d like to do. Things will be a bit more formal and structured so you can really sink your teeth into things, but this will give you the basic idea. Comments, feedback and suggestions are appreciated if you’d like to share a thought or two.


Thanks, and enjoy!