Howdy again, fellow keepers of the drumming flame. I’m gonna put up one more recent Periscope video with comment here, as I think this little experiment is actually working out pretty well. I like being able to discuss things a bit more, and, it gives you a much better idea of what’s being offered if you have a few minutes to watch.


In this video, I demonstrate exercises I’ve used to keep my hands in shape since I was around 11. I’ll hit 58 in about a week, so, I figure, something must be working with this approach. Mind you, it’s not been every single day since the early 70’s, but in the last fifteen years, yeah I’d say fairly regularly. If there have been gaps, I can literally get back up to speed in about a week or less.


Here’s the breakdown:


3 different weight sticks3 – Marching sticks, 7A’s, and Brushes

3 different grips – traditional, German and French

4 rudiments – single stroke roll, double stroke roll, six stroke roll, paradiddles

3 different volumes – Loud, Medium, Soft


I start with an exercise that Terry Bozzio taught me in the early 1980s, to develop tendon strength directly at the wrist, using German matched grip (back of palm facing up)


Then, French (back of palm facing outward) and then matched grip. All designed to loosen up my wrists and muscles.


Next, double stroke rolls, same grip sequence. Focus on loud to soft transitions with powerful intensity.


Then, six-stroke rolls and Paradiddles, played very loud and very slow to make the wrists work. Anyone can use rebound. Work the muscles and tendons to discover their finesse and limitations. Doing these exercises using brushes is especially helpful, as you’ll see.


I demonstrate some faster execution of the four rudiments, and you can appreciate their applications pretty quickly. I end the video with some timekeeping and execution of fills using combinations of the four rudiments I practice.


I hope it helps give you some tools to keep your hands in shape, but do remember: with great speed and power comes great responsibility. I’m kinda saying this tongue in cheek, but, if you unleash gratuitously and repeatedly, your phone will likely not ring very much. These exercises can be used in musical contexts with some interesting effects, if you do so musically. Going batshit crazy and hoping people will like it is more often than not a super great way to be left alone on stage… permanently.


But hey, we’re drummers. We drive the ship, and if sometimes we feel like leaving a few rooster tails and ripping up the waters, crank it up and let ‘er rip! Besides, life’s too short to just groooooooooove all the time if there’s a bit of animal in you wanting out. It doesn’t hurt to discover what’s truly under your skin now and then…


PS Please let me know if this link expires. I am still learning the in’s and out’s of making Periscope work. Thanks!