Thank you for visiting my blog page. I really appreciate your interest and curiosity in these short posts. My objective is to present enough information about subjects to inspire readers to seek out more. We are all into music, and my areas of interest will hopefully be informative. If they help you take something to the next level, that’s the best.
I’m the author of The Elements of Rhythm Vols. I & II, a very comprehensive approach to rhythm pattern that presents the complete list of building block rhythm patterns from which all the larger possible combinations are derived. You can read more about both volumes at 
I’m a jazz drummer, composer and teacher based in Los Angeles, and I’m also a former features writer for DRUM! magazine. My musical interests include odd meters and polyrhythms, music therapy (with a focus on Tourette Syndrome), cognitive science applications in music and rhythm studies and four-way coordination exploration.
My personal account of drumming and music as therapy for Tourette Syndrome was published in “Rhythm Man,” a short story featured in the anthology, Don’t Think About Monkeys (Hope Press, 1992). This account has also been cited in Oliver Sack’s, Muscicophilia (Vintage Books, 2007).
An extended bio and music samples may be found at

Sack’s mentioned in the foreword to Don’t Think About Monkeys that I worked to turn a disability into an ability. Up to that point, I’d never really thought about it consciously, but ever since then, I’ve appreciated his choice of words, because they remind me to always find the upside to the downside of anything if you can.


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