– A resource library focused on compact portable drum kits

When the Ludwig Breakbeats kit first came out, I wrote a blog that dug into what the shells were all about. It took some work, but I was very curious as to why Ludwig was saying so little about the shell construction.

I wrote the piece because I wanted to get answers and wanted to share them. That’s what my little drumming blog has really always been about. Recently, I received a request to post a link to a site that reviews and provides information about small kits, compact drum sets. I usually pass on such requests because they are often commercial in nature.


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Magnus Boll wrote a very cordial request, and after looking at his site, I agreed to post a link. Problem is, in WordPress, all I have right now are blog links. So, I wanted to bring his site to your direct attention with a little write-up.

What I like most about it is that Magnus said he does this as a hobby, wanting to share the information about a unique and specific category of kits. I’ve been digging into that subject here and there myself, and it’s very cool to find a focused and well-written resource to go explore.

The street drumming, urban banging, play on a 5’x5’ stage kind of world we live in nowadays makes certain drum set realities not entirely possible. There’s obviously a worldwide market, and there’s no shortage of manufacturers working to address that market as well as expand it.

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Magnus covers the gamut with his site, with Articles and Reviews about classic cocktail, street and be-bop kits, a very cool Do It Yourself (DIY) section for drum construction, cymbal set-ups, bass drum risers, and a Resources section with porting, coverings, videos and more.

Overall, is a very well-organized and well-written site that provides an excellent resource for drummers wanting to explore less being more. I truly enjoy it when drummers work to help other drummers learn on many levels simply for the joy of sharing.

Nice job, Magnus. And if you start writing a drumming blog, I’ll do as promised and link it to WordPress! Meanwhile, this piece ought to do the trick…